How to Assemble Your Double Envelope Invitation Ensemble

Your invitations will probably arrive flat. Single fold invitations should be folded with the printing on the outside. Those with a tri-fold should be folded with the design on the front. Accessory enclosures are placed inside the second fold. Cards that are flat or with one fold should have the accessories placed on the top of the invitation.

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Tissue is rarely included and not necessary. Accessory (enclosure) cards With the invitation face up, place the tissue over the imprint area. Accessory (enclosure) cards are then placed face up on top of the tissue with the reception card closest to the invitation. Remember to place a postage stamp on the response envelope and to number the back of the response card with your secret number. The invitation and its accessory (enclosure) cards should then be placed inside the inner envelope. The printed side faces you, leading into the envelope with the folded edge first. Finally, the inner envelope, with all of the conten`ts mentioned above, is inserted into the outer envelope. The guests' names should face the back of the outer envelope so that it is seen immediately when removed from the outer envelope.

Post Office Tips to Ensure Proper Delivery
You should ALWAYS put together a complete invitation ensemble with all of the accessory (enclosure) items, envelopes and any direction cards. Take this to your local post office to have it weighed and checked for size. Square and oversized invitations require extra postage due to their shape if 1 ounce or less. Anything over 1 ounce requires extra postage. The post office can then show you different decorative stamps available in the amount you will need to use.

Your invitations should be mailed 6 weeks before the wedding. (8 weeks is now common for out-of-town guests.) Use Save-the-Date cards so that long distance guests can make arrangements. These should be sent out 6 to 12 months before or as soon as your plans are finalized. "At home" or announcements should not be mailed until after the wedding.