About Us

By Invitation was started by Roberta and Barbara Silverman in the early 1980’s as “The Crossed Stitch”. Believe it or not, it was actually started with the weekly grocery money. Roberta and Barbara went to a distributor in Philadelphia to buy the startup supplies, leaving only enough money to pay for the bridge toll home. At that time Roberta was working in childcare and Barbara was working as an elementary school teacher. Both would stay up into the wee hours of the night completing custom counted cross stitch items for their customers along with working full time during the day. Customers of “The Crossed Stitch” are the reason that the business evolved to be what it is today. They began requesting other “personalized” gifts, which then led to personalized stationery and expanded into invitations.

Today, Roberta is fully retired. She loves meeting and greeting customers at party events as well as speaking to them on the telephone, offering any assistance and expertise that she can. Barbara still works as a teacher during the school year along with assisting customers with all of their invitation and accessory needs. Barbara created and manages the By Invitation website along with creating and managing marketing e-mails.

Roberta and Barbara pride themselves in their ability to provide individualized, personalized service to each and every one of their customers/clients.